Strengthening youth entrepreneurship and innovation capital for the circular economy

SYnC is an Erasmus+

project focused on developing a non-formal educational framework to introduce young people and youth workers to the circular economy and to unleash the innovation potential of the former.

The project aims to:

To educate and raise awareness of youth, in particular those with fewer opportunities, on the key concepts of sustainability and circular economy to strengthen their entrepreneurial opportunities

To build the capacity of youth organisations to be able to inform and guide youth towards a circular economy and to explore their entrepreneurship and innovation potential

To reinvigorate cross-national and cross-sectoral knowledge transfer to build momentum towards promoting youth entrepreneurship in the circular economy

Who will be involved?


Youth workers


Young people


Youth organisations and CSOs


Formal and non-formal educational institutions


Local/regional, national & EU authorities in the fields of Youth, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship